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As Leading Falcon LLC ,We are consultancy and Trading firm located in United Arab Emirates shams free zone active in different types of activity include
  1. Investing consultancy

  2. Media content creating and advertising consultancy

  3. Trading activities and consultancy ( import & export) 

  4. medical facilitation services or medical tourism

1- Investing consultancy: 

we are linking and looking for a foreign individuals/Business enterprise and corporate body that need business expansion and willing to invest of money in our country of residence like Dubai or any other suitable location.we will manage for you and take care of any activities after investment  that need to be maintained and improve as well.

2-Media content creating and advertising:

Develop and implement the Company’s Advertising, Marketing and Communications programs in order to build brand awareness and increase sales.We make videos and animations for organization for advertising and for individuals as well.

3- Trading activities and consultancy ( import & export)

  • A-we are able to quote for a wide range of products in the best condition through our source depending on the customer’s order especially for medical devices and medical equipment.
  • B-Import and export consultancy include Agency and Consulting AgreementsWe offer import and export consultancy services and also provide consultancy for manufacturers who are looking for agents or vice versa to lead agency agreement.

4- Medical facilitation services or medical tourism

We are also active in Medical Tourism Activity in the middle east,europe and africa with one of our brands name, Falconmedcare , for this sector kindly keep in touch with our special website: